Tony Roma's @ Mid Valley

March 2, 2009

I love ribs. Whether they're pork or beef, I can't resist 'em (but I prefer pork). Tony Roma's at the Gardens is an OK place to satisfy those rib cravings, but they deserve a special mention for their ultra-friendly employees.

Pan-seared salmon in sesame crust and garlic scampi butter, veggies and rice.

Ribs and sirloin combo with tomato pesto salad. A compromise, since we wanted both the ribs and a steak. No complaints about the taste, though the relatively small portion size left us wanting more!

I can't tell the sauces apart _ all of them taste corn syrupy. Btw, the "red hot sauce" is nowhere near spicy.

Grand Romarita and Long Island cocktails.

Tony's strawberry limonade with triple sec.

Chocolate Avalanche sundae martini.

Tony Roma's,

The Gardens.