Tokyo Shokudo & Yoshino Ramen @ Mid Valley

January 11, 2013

Cruising into a couple of Japanese outlets on Mid Valleys ground floor.

Tokyo Shokudos skewered stuff is worthwhile: Bacon-wrapped quail eggs & chicken gizzard.

Salmon topped with various roe. Would be better if the sashimi were fresher.

Squid cooked in its own ink. Not the ideal food for date night, but uniquely delicious nevertheless.

Pork intestines. Hmmmm. Not as foul-tasting as feared, or as rubbery, but still an acquired taste.

Spinach with ikura and bonito flakes. Quintessentially Japanese, quite satisfactory.

Umeshu plum wine is available, to sweeten the evening.

A 10-second stroll away, Yoshino Ramen struggles to pull in crowds at the malls boulevard.

Tonkotsu ramen. The noodles seem nondescript, the broth is way too watery, the cha-shus bland, while the eggs fall agonizingly just short of being seasoned right.

Bitter gourd fried with egg, with more bean sprouts than bitter gourd. But it tastes fine anyway.

Some sake to seal the deal. Would we return? Kinda doubtful.

Bonus stop: Gong Cha at the Gardens upstairs.

Bubble tea for two. The signature milk winter melon ones not too bad, if one must indulge.

Tokyo Shokudo & Yoshino Ramen,
Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.