Tokyo Don & Tokyo Teppan

August 9, 2011

Two sister restaurants, situated side-by-side at Pavilion's Tokyo Street precinct, one specializing in donburi and the other in teppanyaki.

Cross-ordering between both outlets is encouraged, but that can lead to customer frustration, since some members of the service crew seem dazed and confused.

Rice bowl with tempura prawn, fish & veggies. The batter was interesting _ not as crisp and light as other versions, but boasting an eggy flavor that suited the seafood.

Salmon teppanyaki. Fresh, flaky and buttery enough to curb complaints.

Angus beef teppanyaki with bean sprouts. Competently prepared but unexceptional.

Surprisingly, the highlight was the house-made tofu, which tasted like a cross between egg yolk & creme caramel. Our other orders included shiitake mushrooms & fried rice, but we ended up leaving in impatience before those ever reached our table.

Tamano Junmai Ginjo sake. The cheapest choice, but still RM78 for 300ml.

There's tons of potential here, but let's hope they sort out the teething troubles soon.

Tokyo Don & Tokyo Teppan,
Tokyo Street, Level 6, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.