Toastina revised

June 8, 2011

Toastina: Round Two. Earlier entry: April 11.

We've been feeding our current sandwich addiction here with mega-bites such as this monumental medley of mushrooms. Exceptionally earthy, laced with walnuts & cheese. Wish someone had sprinkled some truffle oil on this though.

Chicken ham & eggs in croissant. A creamy combo _ so simple, but astonishingly addictive. Sounds like something that Delifrance might serve, but well, this photo speaks for itself.

Hot salted beef with gruyere cheese & arugula. Succulent slices of meat, bundled in a convenient ciabatta loaf for both carnivores and carb-lovers on the move.

Bacon, egg & tomato. Tasted lovingly home-made, with a mound of boiled eggs, all chopped up for gooey goodness' sake.

Jalapeno chicken & lettuce in croissant. Bland; maybe the word 'jalapeno' made us anticipate something exotic and fiery.

Smoked roasted salmon with caper berries, tomato confit, wild rocket & horseradish. One of Toastina's pricier sandwiches at RM24++; healthy and hearty, stuffed in charcoal bread, but forgettable in flavor.

Asparagus, artichoke hearts & garlic aioli. These sandwiches are ready-to-sell items, not prepared to order; so if you can wait, order a freshly made customized sandwich instead, with your own choice of fillings (though that'll cost more).

Toastina's desserts are super-sweet but otherwise irreproachable, especially this "crimble crumble" (similar to a mince pie, packed with sticky fruit bits & spices, but no meat) & humongous white chocolate muffin, which boasts an alluring aroma of vanilla, a finger-lickin'-good frosting and a straight-from-the-oven texture.

Apple frangipane tart & cappuccino eclair. The former was a fruity, nutty pleasure, but we particularly loved the latter, with its rich, decadent filling.

Sheraton's own 'Zest' dark chocolate with lemon & candied ginger. An acquired taste, with a tangy zip and bitter cocoa flavor. Might be better if it were a a bit milkier.

Wine, wonderful wine.

Faber Imperial Court,
Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.