The V revised

June 26, 2011

Back to The V for meat-free fare. Earlier entry: April 4.

Salad with egg, mock ham, almonds, raisins & wasabi dressing. Customers can mix and match their own selection of salad toppings here; this combination worked wonderfully, if we do say so ourselves. Savory, sweet, nutty & spicy, all at once.

Pan-fried Chinese dumplings. A snack attack served steaming-hot; addictively tasty, as any dumpling worth its salt should be.

"Meatballs" in cream. Texturally satisfying "meatballs," with a firm feel. But the cream sauce was overly reminiscent of carbonara, which can be too cloying after a spoonful or two.

Pesto lasagne. Lighter than regular meat-based lasagne; the pesto sauce proved excellent, with a deliciously distinct herbal flavor.

Fried potato croquettes. Forgettable, unless you're passionate about potatoes.

Potato chips. Chunky cuts, crisp on the outside, soft and piping-hot within. Bonus points for lacing this with a pleasant pinch of Cajun pepper.

Warm chocolate pudding with custard sauce. A rich, creamy confection.

Orange pudding. Moist and fresh-tasting, but bordering on bland. An OK option if you prefer less sugar in your desserts though.

The V Cafe,
Syopz @ The Boardwalk,
Taylor's Lakeside Campus.