The Tokyo Ramen, Bukit Bintang

October 3, 2021

KL's latest ramen shop specialises in ramen that relies purely on Malaysian free-range chicken, resulting in rich, flavoursome bowls for soul-food comfort.

Everything in the signature Sho-Yu Ramen (RM32) easily meets the mark, from the springy noodles to the umami-laden broth and roasted tori chashu - our only potential complaint is that two slices of the terrifically tender, subtly smoky chicken chashu isn't sufficient (add-ons are possible at RM8 per portion).

This is also a pleasant place for confidently executed izakaya-style snacks - munch on tatsuta-age succulent soy-marinated chicken with a light potato starch coating (RM29 for four pieces), fries flavoured with bonito, dashi and togarashi (RM10), and mugi gohan, beautifully separated white rice with barley (RM5), washed down with a whisky lover's Kakubin highball (RM32).

The Tokyo Ramen

Level 4, Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Daily, lunch and dinner.

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