The Tea Republic

December 14, 2010

The Tea Republic could clinch our vote for BSC's coziest new hideout, with their cool campaign to "celebrate the citeazen within" by offering a rainbow-like range of tea _ red, green, white & several other hues _ from across the globe.

A compact selection of desserts is available all day long. We quite liked the upside-down ginger-&-pear pudding, which tasted rich, fresh and moist.

This cupcake looked deceptively ordinary, but it was pretty much perfect, with a fluffy, flavorsome vanilla cake base and creamy, sugary frosting.

Lemon & green tea macarons. Sufficiently tasty, but the texture was too heavy, without the crisp airiness that we relish in these confections.

No complaints about the dainty cookies. Crunchy and chocolatey enough to enjoy.

Tea was the true star of the show, of course. This "Caramel" variety was a hot blend of Chinese & Ceylon teas, with a delicious toffee aroma that went well with the sweets.

The Kirara cold rice tea was excellent, made from roasted unpolished rice for a pleasant grainy flavor. And anyway, tea is good for us, right? Antioxidants and all.

The Tea Republic,
S132, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur.
Open daily, 9am-9pm.