The Prince @ 1 Mont Kiara

November 3, 2016

A thriving bonsai tree framed in a circle of balance & harmony welcomes customers to this oasis of Chinese comfort fare, which showcases intriguing sparkles of imagination in its choice of produce & preparations. This is one of the hidden gems of 1 Mont Kiara Mall, serving up a distinctive diversity of delicacies at surprisingly reasonable prices for this neighbourhood.

Relax along The Prince's comfortable long sofas as the kitchen whips up signatures like the Szechuan-inspired pork belly, dexterously sliced into slim, juicy strips, torched at the table in a memorably striking presentation, accompanied by a robust dip of minced garlic in soy sauce for appetite-rousing meaty flavours & textures. RM23.

The Prince is anchored on principles of clear & fresh cooking, yielding pure, natural nuances in the food. Quality ingredients are evident in the double-boiled chicken soups (in a richly flavoursome version for RM18 or with cordyceps for RM16), which taste comfortingly nourishing in a manner that evokes the sweet, tender loving care of traditional home cooking.

Seasoning & execution prove satisfying across the spectrum of fish & meat dishes, from the smooth, succulent fish fillets drenched in a fiery house-made sauce of black bean paste, bird's eye chillies & ginger (RM22) to soft, fluffy pork belly balls in lip-smacking sweet-sour gravy (RM23) & a crowd-pleasing crispy chicken chop in a creamy, savoury butter sauce (RM22).

We love the salted egg yolk shimeji mushrooms, lightly battered & beautifully delicate in its flavours - we could gleefully gobble up the entire plate on our own (RM13). Those luscious shimeji mushrooms also play a starring role in The Prince's super-silky steamed egg custard, a pleasure for the palate (RM13).

For vegetables, The Prince offers the unconventional option of Brussel sprouts sauteed in olive oil, not often spotted at Chinese eateries, a nutrition-packed plate of wholesomeness (RM26). Round out the meal with fuss-free fried rice, cooked with kam heong & dried shrimp for familiar Malaysian dimensions, studded with prawns & sliced fish (RM18).

Chinese tea is ideal accompaniment for the fare here, but it's nice that this venue also offers a well-chosen selection of wines - Italian Valpolicella proves a pleasant partner for the protein components of this dinner. Our thanks to The Prince for having us.

The Prince Restaurant
L1-03A & 1-05A, Level 1, 1MK Mall, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. Daily, 10am-10pm. Tel: 012-302-2579