The Pressroom @ BSC Bangsar

December 14, 2009

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The final chapter in our Pressroom trilogy. We made a third trip here for carnivorous chow.

Steak tartare (chopped raw beef with raw egg yolk). Healthy-tasting, with delicate flavours.

Goat cheese and caramelized onion tart. This light, buttery, freshly baked tart was a far cry from the dry, stale ones that are common elsewhere.

Sauteed chicken liver with truffle mash. Perfectly prepared, with the full flavour of liver and a firm but juicy texture that made each bite a pleasure.

White asparagus with egg ravioli. A visual delight; break open the ravioli for the warm, milky egg yolk to burst out and flood the plate with flavour.

Duckling breast with roasted parsnips. Thick cuts of tender fowl.

Escargots a la bourguignonne. A classic recipe that can't really fail. The garlic butter sauce was the ideal topping for the snails.

Steak frites, comprising air-flown Aussie beef rump with watercress, radish, red onion salad & bearnaise sauce with a side of fries. We encountered an annoyance here, since we ordered beef rib but they served us beef rump instead. It was hearty but slightly overcooked.

Baby spinach with roquefort and vine tomatoes. Crisp leaves, tangy accompaniments.

Venison with stewed plums & potato rosti. An interesting change from the thinly sliced venison usually served at Chinese restaurants. Also kinda overcooked though; remember to ask the staff for your meat to be medium-rare, otherwise it'll be cooked medium.

A jug of Sangria, supposedly made with a top-secret Pressroom recipe. Which probably means it's basically a variation of La Bodega's?

Frozen Margarita (Don Julio, Triple Sec & Lime Juice) and Pompier (Ricard, Tanqueray 1o, Cassis & Lemon Twist).

The Pressroom,
Bangsar Shopping Centre.