The Press Room, Nerovivo & No Black Tie

September 15, 2012

One way to spend a chilled-out evening: start with a light meal at Pavilion's Press Room.

A take on the French Landaise salad. Lacks foie gras but still features the crunch of duck gizzard, the succulence of breast meat and savoriness of duck rillettes.

Cream of potato and leek soup with scallops. Not bad at all for RM22++.

The Press Room's signature salad (RM18++) represents what the people want: a poached egg over grilled artichokes and asparagus.
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For dessert, take a drive over to Nerovivo; the Italians sure know their sweets.

Chocolate indulgence: dark choc fondant with white choc ice cream, expertly executed.

Rum baba _ brioche in rum and sugar syrup, served with whipped cream and fruits.

After stuffing the stomach, walk over to No Black Tie for music to soothe the soul.

Performers like the Az Samad Trio ensure that a lovely time will be enjoyed by all.

The highlight of NBT's Japanese menu might be the combo of foie gras & unagi, crisply battered. Melt-in-the-mouth decadence.

No Black Tie's cointreau ice cream is a pleasure, even if the liquor content seems low.

NBT's Sangria is worthwhile; get a jug & linger here for as long as possible.

Rest assured though, the lychee martini is potent enough to end the night on a high note.

The Press Room, Nerovivo and No Black Tie,
Kuala Lumpur.

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