The Olive Tree @ KLIA & Athens International Airport

November 24, 2013

Same name, but two different restaurants; same cuisine, but at two different airports _ Travelers can eat at outlets named The Olive Tree at both the Kuala Lumpur International Airport & Athens International Airport. Neither establishment is affiliated to the other.

First up, KLIAs The Olive Tree, where an acceptable Greek salads available (RM30+), though with far less feta than what customers would be accustomed to at the birthplace of this recipe.

Vegetarian moussaka (RM28+), safe & agreeable in the manner that airport food tends to be.

Lamb casserole (RM42+). The fatal flaw: the surliness of a staff member who shouldnt be in the service sector; he casts The Olive Tree in a bad light by looking angry & inconvenienced & refusing to even reply when we asked to move to a larger table in the near-empty restaurant & requested ice for our bottle of wine.

Wine by the glass costs about RM40 here, so order a RM120 bottle instead.

We ended up having a more pleasant experience, with substantially friendlier service, at The Olive Tree at Athens International Airport.

Complimentary rolls are served here, complete with dips of spicy cheese, fish roe & eggplant.

The Olive Trees house burger (€13) comes with a Greek twist ...

Olives & feta folded into its pork-&-beef patty.

Peppers & tomatoes also come stuffed here ....

... with rice for a home-cooked feel (€14).

Snatch a seat by the window & savor wine (€4 per small bottle) while watching planes take off.

Frappe, the Greek obsession as far as coffee orders are concerned.

The Olive Tree @ Kuala Lumpur International Airport
The Olive Tree @ Athens International Airport

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