The Milk Shop @ Bandar Kinrara

June 25, 2018

Follow the milky way to this cafe, which offers Johor-produced goat's milk turned into creamy gelato, served on its own (RM11.50) or with thick, fluffy pancakes (RM18.90) - the flavour proves pleasantly mild in its milkiness, offered in two refreshingly smooth variations of goat's milk honey gelato and goat's milk lemon yogurt gelato.

Coconut milk and regular ol' cow's milk also receive their due, the former to prepare a richly aromatic nasi lemak paired with Malaccan-inspired spicy-sour prawns (RM18.90; the cafe's founders are reputedly from the southern state), the latter presented steaming-hot and spiked fragrantly with cinnamon (RM9.90).

The Milk Shop
No. 10-0, Jalan BK5A/3B,, Bandar Kinrara, 47180 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. 
Open Mon, Wed-Fri, 930am-730pm; Sat-Sun, 930am-430pm.

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