The Living Room @ Westin Kuala Lumpur

June 16, 2010

A calm, cozy hall that sorely needs more customers.

The menu here is vast, ranging from Western recipes such as Shepherd's Pie to Malaysian favorites including Sambal Petai Udang.

Scallops with sage, brown butter & cream of peas. The scallops were slightly too salty, but this was still a treat. Bite into a scallop with a scoop of the pea cream for a comfort-foodish blend of tastes and textures.

Braised beef broth. The perfect soup for a rainy evening; piping-hot, flavorful and filled with lots of tender beef chunks, potatoes and carrots.

Poached egg, salted cod brandade & saffron hollandaise. The theme for this meal was "food that we barely need to chew." This one might not look pretty but was pretty damn delectable.

Duck confit pastie with English spinach & pear and currant chutney. Kinda like a cross between a curry puff and a pie. Nicely prepared, without a trace of excess oil.

Risotto with pumpkin, peas, mascarpone & shaved aged parmesan. The rice was a bit too mushy, but hey, that totally fits with the theme of this dinner.

Freshly made ice cream: Creme Brulee flavor topped with vanilla custard and 100s & 1000s sprinkles, as well as Condensed Milk flavor with nutella and marshmallows. Ingenious mixes.

Pinotage, Two Oceans (South Africa).

Living Room Cosmopolitan (cranberry, lime juice, tequila, cointreau) & Eye Candy (Cuban rum, amaretto, espresso, vanilla sugar syrup).

The Living Room,
The Westin,
Kuala Lumpur.