The Hungry Hog

July 25, 2011

The Hungry Hog started out as a small-scale catering service, evolving this past month into a suburban cafe that's run with humor and heart.

True to this outlet's name, it's all about the pig here, with no poultry in sight. So loosen your belt and indulge in crunchy, puffy fried pork skin _ deceptively light but devastatingly sinful _ served with a vinegar-based dip.

The signature dish? A bulked-up pork burger, of course, dubbed "3 Little Pigs," topped with streaky bacon, ham, caramelized onions & cheese. Some might say this is too salty and greasy, but we wish The Hungry Hog had piled on the cholesterol and plopped a fried egg here.

Juicy house-made sausages, one laced with fennel & pepper, the other with nutmeg & sage for an aromatic touch. Prices seem low enough to keep Subang's student population as pleased as pigs in mud; RM50 might be sufficient to feed four people.

Five-spice roast pork, since no restaurant like this would be complete without siew yoke. The menu is kept short and sweet, but we wouldn't mind trying their bacon spaghetti & Thai basil minced pork with rice too sometime.

Chunky pork spare ribs, slathered in char siew sauce for sweet, sticky succulence.

A small selection of beer is offered, perfect for partnering with pork.

The Hungry Hog,
71, Jalan SS 15/4C, Subang Jaya.
Closed Mondays.