The Grind Burger Bar @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya

March 18, 2013

Skeptics insist the Klang Valleys burger bandwagon is overcrowded, but the lines of repeat customers at MyBurgerLab, Burger Junkyard, Crayon Burger & Burgertory show these outlets are transcending the hype & proving to be delicious destinations.

Add one more to that suburban shortlist: PJs Section 17 now hosts The Grind Burger Bar, which (unlike the other eateries listed above) operates everyday for both lunch & dinner, moving into the row thats renowned for Kanna Curry House.

Begin with the Grind House Burger, featuring a freshly ground, hand-pressed Aussie beef patty topped with egg, bacon, caramelized onions & natural cheddar cheese in a house-made brioche with The Grinds secret "Dracula Sauce."

The Grind, opened by a trio of buddies, spices up its selection with pork; our picks the peppercorn-crusted one (RM16+ with herb-laced fries & salad).

 Fans of fowl might cry foul that chicken merits merely one mention on the menu: a butterflied thigh basted with teriyaki sauce (RM16+).

Vegetarian balsamic-infused portobello burger with grilled peach & baby arugula (RM17+) So far, lots of succulence, but no surprises. Wait: The twists come next.

 Every (hot) dog has its day: For a sausage fest, The Grind has unleashed a Big Black Dog, comprising pork bratwurst coated with chili pork in a charcoal bun.

A tall order: Bun-free burgers can be customized here. This plates piled high with (deep breath!) pork patty, beef patty, bacon, fried egg, poached egg, Swiss & cheddar cheeses, baby arugula, portobello, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, grilled pineapple & peach.

Crucially (for us, at least), The Grind becomes the first of these friendly neighborhood burger bars to serve wine. Glasses cost a fair RM20+; cheers!

Sure, The Grind might not possess MyBurgerLabs creative bravado, but its still a welcome entry to the burgeoning burger scene. Did we enjoy our lunch here? Definitely.

The Grind Burger Bar,
7, Jalan 17/45, Section 17, Petaling Jaya.
Noon-3pm, 5pm-10pm.