The Don of Tacos

July 13, 2021

If a Mexican meal is an offer you can't refuse, The Don of Tacos might pull you back in with its soft tacos.

Take the gun but don't leave the chicken tacos, nicknamed Mi Nombre Es (RM25 for two pieces). These taste fabulously fresh, layered in delicately supple tortillas that focus the attention on the full-bodied fillings - a lovely, house-made avocado cream sauce adds tangy zest to richly marinated chopped chicken, diced tomatoes, onions and cilantro.

The Soy Un Frijol (RM20 for two) is something for the bean lover, with home-cooked black beans in vegan-friendly sauce with a nearly paste-like creaminess, earthy in every bite with vegan cheese, purple cabbage, onions and cilantro for plenty of taste and texture.

The Don of Tacos
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Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 12pm-8pm; Friday, 5pm-9pm; Saturday, 12pm-4pm.

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