The Castle

July 6, 2009

Also known as Al-Kalaa, this is one of the many semi-alfresco Middle Eastern outlets on Jalan Damai. It looks a bit dodgy from the street, but it's popular with the supper crowd. Grab a seat in the tent and pretend to be a sheikh surrounded by a (mostly male) harem.

Pancakes stuffed with minced lamb. Kind of like an Arabian pizza. Tasted a bit too junk foodish to be really appreciated.

Lamb tashreeb with chickpeas. A huge, well-prepared stew enough for four.

Mixed kebabs. Dry, salty and tough. This platter gives kebabs a bad name.

Flavourful long-grain kabssa rice. Almost good enough to eat on its own.

The Castle (Al-Kalaa),
Jalan Damai.