The Butcher Shop, Alatsi & Souvlaki @ Athens, Greece

April 17, 2016

Grab a seat in the leafy backyard of this Greek tavern & order up a storm - The Butcher Shop takes care of carnivores, serving up the bounty of the ocean (the octopus tentacles are terrific, as are the smoked trout fillets & taramasalata cured cod roe) & the beasts of the land (try the ewe chop, beef blood sausage & veal liver), washed down with tsikoudia raki brandy from Crete.

 You might try burning off all those lunch calories with a brisk walk around the neighbourhood, but with koulouri sesame seed bread rings available on almost every street corner, it's very likely you'll end up eating even more.

Supper in the Greek capital: Go upmarket at Michelin-starred Alatsi, where crowds feast on eggs filled with apaki (salted lean pork), aged beef from Naxos island & free-range chicken noodles with siglino (wine-boiled pork) & stamnagathi (wild chicory).

Or have a much simpler but still totally satisfying meal of souvlaki at nearly any street corner in Athens. Delicious kebabs.