The Bar, REXKL

July 6, 2019

The resident bar in REXKL is one of the few places where Modern Madness, Malaysia's most creative craft beer brand, is currently available on tap, with a rotating repertoire of small-batch flavours that might include buckwheat-laced soba beer on some weeks, or flower ale, teh tarik ale and lemongrass lager (many at RM15 per serving), or even durian beer and bak kut teh beer. Quench your thirst with other engaging beverages, like Fizzy Toddy mixed with your choice of IPA or a gin-based Ginger Lime, or non-alcoholic coolers like cold brew coffee, after exploring this events-and-exhibition space that brings fresh life to a formerly disused, decades-old building where generations of movie-goers once watched everything from The Empire Strikes Back to Titanic in the Chinatown outpost of Rex Cinema.

The Bar

REXKL, 80, Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur. The Bar currently opens Thursday-Sunday, 3pm-10pm.

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