The Apartment @ KLCC

September 2, 2009

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Oyster shots with three different dressings: ceviche Peruvian citrus & tomato; Apartment-style lemongrass, ginger, cucumber, lime & mint; "Trina's choice" of soya, wasabi, lemon & coriander. They all tasted terrific, though it was tricky trying to figure which was which.

Crab and salmon cakes with chili lime aioli. Addictively scrumptious.

Clams in creme fraiche & white wine. We wiped the sauce clean with bread.

Peking duck rolls (crepes wrapped around roast duck with cucumbers, spring onions & plum chutney with orange emulsion). Not as good as the ones at Chinese outlets, but passable.

Red & white wine for the alcoholic and watermelon juice for the teetotaler.

The Apartment,
Suria KLCC.
Tel: 2166-2257