Teppanyaki Matsuoka Japanese Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas

November 15, 2013

Teppanyaki Matsuoka: Round Two. Earlier entry: September 23.


Beef might seek to seize the spotlight at Matsuoka, but seafood refuses to play second fiddle.


The lobster teppanyakis well worth trying, fresh & fleshy, RM68++ for a half-portion.


Scallops sauteed with butter (RM25++) prove plenty juicy & pretty fairly priced.


Also well-prepared: Takoyaki octopus dumpling balls, not as greasy as feared ...


... plus Osaka-style okonomiyaki, stuffed with squid, another good one by chef Shuji Hamagami.


Quite like the omelet here too, despite the ketchup thats typically a bane for egg recipes.


What makes this triumphant is the satisfying layer beneath of chicken, avocado & tomatoes.


Also interesting: Tofu "steak," nice to nibble on as a starter or stomach-filler.


Love this one: Sweet corn, taken off the cob & skewered for convenient eating.


Desserts not spared from the teppanyaki treatment. The result: A fun version of French toast.

To forget a night to remember, all thats needed is a copious amount of sake ...


... complemented by sufficiently intoxicating shochu. Memories are, after all, overrated.
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Teppanyaki Matsuoka,

A3-G2-1, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Daily for lunch & dinner. Tel: 03-6211-6226

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