Tenshi No Cafe

April 2, 2011

Fetish fashion meets fun food at this cutesy cafe, where a service team dressed as maids and butlers keeps customers amused with friendly antics. No fear, there's no hanky-panky here.

The novelty of this outlet is kept fresh by the merry enthusiasm of its staff members, who interacted comfortably with us while serving our food and drinks. They'll decorate dishes at the table _ with the help of some ketchup, this "omurice," comprising fried rice wrapped in an omelet, was made to look like a bunny face _ and even spoon-feed you for a token fee.

The offerings here comprise contemporary and fusion Japanese creations. Daily specials include creatively composed "Kawaii Bento" sets like this one, called "I Love You," an eye-catching bowl of strawberry-laced sticky rice with crunchy battered chicken & fruits.

"Home Garden," another bento meal. All the food is sufficiently well-prepared and tastes fresh. Nothing that's astonishingly delicious, but everything works well as comfort food.

Mango rice with a mild Japanese curry. Our favorite for the evening, thanks to the thick, aromatic gravy. Note that prices here are slightly steep, with most platters costing RM15-20.

Fried rice with salmon cakes. Ultimately, this is a pleasant hangout pulsating with positive vibes, making it ideal for anyone who wants to kick back after a hard day's work or on weekends. If all goes well, there'll be branches at Mid Valley and Pavilion by year-end.

Banana milkshake & honey lime juice.

Green tea & watermelon juice.

Tenshi No Cafe,