Ten @ Marc Service Residence

April 1, 2013

Returning to Tens relocated outlet at Marc Residence. Earlier entry: March 20.

Tens sashimi platter clocks in at RM180++, but with geoduck & tuna belly among the components, its certainly not a ripoff.

The standard sushi selections a little less pricey at RM80++ ...

... while a sushi-dominated omakase meal is available for about RM260++.

 Customers who order the omakase courses will sit at the counter & be served plates of delicate nibbles potentially topped with the likes of halibut & seared salmon.

Salmon sashimi & avocado roll, a rice-free one (RM45++), in lieu of a salad.

Our top recommendation at Ten: Unagi kabayaki with foie gras & Japanese sansyo pepper. The combo of eel & liver is executed exceptionally here. RM90++ for this.

Grilled silver cod marinated in saikyo miso with a hint of yuzu (RM75++). Moist & flavorful.

Looks nearly like beef, tastes nearly like the best kind of beef: Scorched medium-fatty tuna belly with sauteed spring onions & ikura soy sauce (RM90++).

Real beef shows up in the Wagyu-&-garlic fried rice (RM40++). Underwhelming, surprisingly.

Inaniwa udon, slippery & slurp-worthy, in a fine broth that matches very well with the noodles.

More soup to savor, of the miso variety, brings this meal to a close.

Sake to cool us down on a hot, humid night.

Ten serves cocktails with twists: Grapefruit Mojito & a blend of green tea with unidentified liquor.

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Ten @ Marc Service Residence,
Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2161-5999
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