Tedboy Bakery @ Bangsar

July 23, 2012

When parental pride and a passion for pastries collide, the offspring is Tedboy Bakery, reputedly owned by a bread-loving couple who named this Telawi cafe after their son. 

Tedboy is a welcome, wholesome entry to Bangsar, loaded with loaves and cakes that customers can take back or nibble here while sipping on coffee and health juices.

Sandwiches made to order are a highlight: for a light lunch, there's no challenging the convenience _ or the crave-worthiness _ of a croissant brimming with succulent Norwegian salmon, sweet slices of mango and cream.

Time for tuna, slathered thickly and warmly on sourdough and topped with chopped celery, tomatoes, peppers and cheddar. Tedboy's owners supposedly operate by the motto that whatever they offer here is what they'd feed their child; we think Ted could someday be the envy of his classmates for the food he'll bring from home for his school lunches.

Cranberry-apricot bread, fluffy and fruity, alongside a baked-fresh-daily baguette, full of grainy goodness, nicely chewy and nearly nutty. Sure, these might not be stunningly spectacular, but would we consider them sufficiently satisfactory? Sure. 

Tiny treats: mini croissant and custard-filled bun. Tedboy is starting out small with this simple Telawi set-up; it's tough to predict whether it'll mature into a major player, but for now, Bangsar's littlest baby is showing minimal teething problems.

Tedboy sits beside 7-11, less than a 10-second stroll from Bangsar Village II's entrance near Delicious. Prices are OK for this neighborhood; the stash above cost around RM50. 

Tedboy Bakery,
10, Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2202-1312
Open 8am through at least 9pm daily.