Tao Chinese Cuisine @ InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

January 4, 2013

Some changes can be for the better: Over the years, weve amassed many nice memories at Nikko Hotels Toh Lee, but ever since Nikko turned into InterContinental, most of its restaurants have been refurbished & revamped, one by one.

The latest transformation: Toh Lee is now Tao, launched this week & looking better than ever, graced with a glittering opulence thats guaranteed to impress.

Taos menu is as extensive as expected, made distinctive with playful twists on familiar favorites. The kitchens no-pork nature becomes a trigger for experimentation, not limitations, as proven by this poached lamb fillet, bak kut teh style (RM56++).

No pale substitute for the real deal: the meats tender & robust-tasting, the herbal broth brims with bean curd & mushrooms, while the crullers feel fresh & crisp.

Move over, braised pork belly with yam: Tao replaces the pig with slow-cooked beef shank.

Pure pleasure, with preserved bean curd sauce clinging to every slice of the meat (as gelatinous as Wagyu beef cheeks) & the yam (as melt-in-the-mouth as mashed potatoes). Nevertheless, at RM56++, its multiple times what the pork version costs.

Fried rice, fairly fragrant, laced not only with black sesame but bits of barbecued chicken that bear a sweet savoriness as satisfactory as that of pork char siew. RM38++. The magic formula might lie with Taos chefs, who seem to be industry veterans with a wealth of experience. 

Complimentary, plummy welcome tea. Service here strives to satisfy, mostly succeeding.

Gotta love a Chinese restaurant where Mint Martinis & Pina Coladas can be ordered.

Theres more here to investigate, including the likes of Peking Duck rolls stuffed with the customers choice of foie gras, truffles or eringi mushrooms. But thats a tale for another time.

Expect to read & hear much more about Tao Chinese Cuisine in the months ahead. We look forward to making marvelous memories here too.

Tao Chinese Cuisine @ InterContinental Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2782-6128