T Forty Two

November 7, 2010

A relaxed restaurant linked to Ms. Read at the heart of Empire Shopping Gallery.

A "High T for Two" set is available even at night. We munched on these warm, buttery scones at nearly 9 p.m. on a quiet weekday, but they still tasted fresh and crumbly, as if they'd been made barely an hour earlier. Served with thick clotted cream & boysenberry jam.

Decent sandwiches are included in this 40 ringgit set: a threesome comprising (1) cucumber, cream cheese & chives, (2) smoked salmon with wasabi mascarpone, & (3) egg mayonnaise with watercress. Looked light, but they were surprisingly filling.

The sole item we tried that wasn't from the set: Quiche Provencal, comprising sun-dried tomatoes, basil & a blend of premium cheeses. Savory and creamy enough to recommend.

Moist, flavorsome carrot cake. An expertly prepared version of what could otherwise have easily been a cliched dessert. Sometimes, all you need is carrot cake.

Coffee & iced peach tea to round up a worthwhile spread. Alas, no booze is served.

T Forty Two Salon de The,
Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang.