Svea Cafe, Upbeat Health Bar & Snow Factory @ Avenue K

January 19, 2014

For folks who need further evidence that Avenue K's star is on the ascent, this revamped mall now features a Swedish cafe whose selection extends well beyond meatballs.

Svea Cafe opened this past week inside the Taste Enclave food court, though its full menu remained unavailable when we visited. For now, customers can check out recipes like "Seamen's Beef" (RM18.90). Tastes kinda like typical stew, but that's not necessarily a terrible thing. Coming attractions comprise seafood cakes, salmon soup, pork chops & ham pies.

Interesting desserts include the "ris a la malta" rice pudding with almonds & cinnamon (RM10) ... 

... & the warm Swedish porridge of oats with cranberries (RM10), exceptionally healthy-tasting (but could be too bland for some).

 Speaking of wholesomeness, here's something else that's newly unveiled on Avenue K's second floor: Upbeat Health Bar, which serves nutritious, low-guilt fare near the Fitness First gym.

Try the Mission flour tortilla wraps, assembled on order & packed with ultra-creamy mushroom croquettes, cherry tomatoes, lettuce & an addictive "secret house sauce" (RM8.90, 411 calories).

Also available: Protein shakes & freshly blended smoothies, made with ingredients like Greek yoghurt, green tea, honey, blueberries, mango & soy milk.

Peanut butter shake mixed with bananas, chocolate whey & milk (RM9.90 for 261 calories), plus flax seeds for extra texture (RM2 surcharge). Understandably, it's not what we'd describe as delicious, but it's not undrinkable.

And for fans of dessert, there's more on this level: Snow Factory, the first Malaysian offshoot of a Taiwan-based brand.

Yoghurt, yoghurt-based ice cream & fruit preserves form the key offerings here.

The blueberry flavour tastes pretty natural & the texture's satisfyingly dense. Refreshing enough on a sweltering afternoon.

Svea Cafe, Upbeat Health Bar & Snow Factory Malaysia
Level Two, Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

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