Suvee Malaysia

December 15, 2020

Suvee puts a polished spin on the rice bowl experience, showcasing sous vide-cooked beef, fish and chicken, with a confident preparation that's the hallmark of an experienced team. 

Our lunch looked a little worse for wear, but that's likely the result of too many bumps on the road. For a premium touch to your meal delivery, the Wagyu Karubi is your best bet (RM53); Suvee doesn't stinge on its ingredients, so you'll find plenty of seared beef slices with the other staples of every Suvee recipe - Japanese haenuki short-grain rice and sun-dried tomatoes, with truffled ponzu sauce and yuzukosho citrus chilli paste. Everything from the tomatoes to the sauce is crafted in Suvee's kitchen.

Saba isn't our favourite fish, but Suvee more than does justice to its vinegar-cured, blowtorched mackerel, which tastes like the ocean in a fresh, positive sense, nicely partnered with ikura for punchy pleasure (RM42.40).

Suvee currently serves two choices of chicken - we'd recommend the Tori Momo, with tastily marinated chicken, flame-licked for a light, slightly sultry caramelisation, complete with an onsen egg for a cohesively conceived ensemble (RM31.80; the egg is served separately, still in its shell, so you only need to crack it once you're ready to eat).

The Black Truffle Chicken Roulade (RM39.75) is the one that we'd hesitate to reorder - the rolled meat teetered too close to slimy, even though we consumed this immediately on delivery.

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