Sushi Hara, The LINC KL

May 10, 2019

KL's latest purveyor of omakase meals is helmed by executive chef Harada Junji, originally from Kyushu, and a hand-picked team of Japanese-speaking Malaysians who've honed their craft in the birthplace of sushi, striving to offer an experience that comes close to that of their chef's homeland.

The full omakase feast starts at RM368 for lunch and RM488 for dinner - but there's a way to still savour plenty of sushi and test the restaurant's skills by ordering the Kaze selection from the lunch menu, which we had for RM188. It's a relatively economical introduction to Sushi Hara, considering that customers might receive five light courses of fish and other seasonal seafood before the main event of eight pieces of sushi, competently representing Japanese culinary traditions.

The sushi courses are clearly executed by an experienced hand, predominantly nigiri showcasing fresh fish - from hirame to akami to saba - lusciously draped over warm rice. All in all, there might be no surprises or standouts, but this is still a place for pleasant Japanese fare, staffed by a crew that works hard with what they have.

Sushi Hara

2-12 & 2-13, Level 2, The LINC KL, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur. 

Open for lunch and dinner, Tuesday-Sunday. Tel: 017-821-5556

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