Su's Cakes For Kicks

November 19, 2010

Shoppers who need a speedy burst of energy before braving the crowds at Uniqlo might want to check out the wide-ranging cheesecakes here.

Cempedak cheesecake. I've hated cempedak since childhood; this was the first recipe using this fruit that I've enjoyed (!). Mild-tasting, with juicy, gelatinous fruit pulp.

Layered cheesecake, with cream cheese, Belgian chocolate & Oreo base. A simple, successful blend of subtle tastes and delicate textures.

Durian cheesecake. Beautifully presented. Pretty fresh too, without offensive odors.

Rocky road cheesecake. The marshmallows were an awesome addition, imparting a wholesome chewiness to the soft, smooth cheesecake.

Belgian dark chocolate cheesecake. As aromatic and intense as promised.

Cafe Latte cheesecake. Coffee lovers might appreciate this better than we did.

Chocolate velvet cake with choc fudge center. Our only non-cheesecake choice. Could have been more moist, though it had a reasonably rich cocoa flavor.

White chocolate cheesecake. Were we all caked out in the end? Oh yeah.

What works well with cheesecake? Pago del Vicario Corte Dulce Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc 2006, a sweet wine purchased from wineactually.com.

Su's Cakes For Kicks,
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