Streaky Hot Dogs @ Sri Petaling

April 12, 2015

Customisable hot dogs are streaking into Sri Petaling; restaurant founders Jeffers, Desmond, Tyler & their team have created one of the most family-friendly destinations imaginable for everybody who loves massive wieners. Let the sausage fest begin!

Basically, it's a build-your-own-hot-dog theme - select a sausage (only pork or chicken for now), then pile on the toppings & sauces. Or play it safe & stick to Streaky Hot Dog's tried-&-tested combos; each hot dog is likely to cost between RM13-RM22. Service is efficient - our hot dogs emerged within less than 10 minutes of ordering, each with a freshly assembled feel.

Streaky's tender sausages will measure up for folks who focus on the inches, but their size matters not nearly as much as what you put on them. If you like them a little sweet, choose the candied bacon bak kwa, with the creamy boost of mentaiko sauce & the crunchy bite of fried tofu pok & Japanese cucumber strips, for East-encounters-West creativity. RM17 with a pork sausage.

Our best bet is a spicier one, topped with Tex-Mex beef chili, chopped onions, cheese sauce, jalapenos & hot sauce, showcasing a robust savouriness. Streaky's sausage supplier uses natural casing & shuns sodium nitrate, partly explaining the relatively high prices. A snap ensues when you sink your teeth into this, while the meat - not heavily seasoned - may suit patrons who prefer a processed smoothness. For this batch, there wasn't a conspicuous difference between pork & chicken.

We kept our final choice simple, with caramelised onions, grilled mushrooms & honey mustard, comfortably packed in a lightly toasted bun (well-made, sensibly somewhere between fluffy & dense), partnered with fries (could be served crispier & warmer) & a mildly tangy sauce whose hue betrays the presence of beetroot. Some sauces here can be a bit cloying, but all in all, Streaky's show-runners seem to have poured their heart, thought & effort into this fun place; we're rooting for them to take their experiments to the next level & become an enduring name in this neighbourhood & beyond.

Streaky Hot Dogs
11 Jalan Radin Bagus 5, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur. Open 11am-10pm, Wed-Mon. Closed Tuesday.

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