Sticky Fingers

September 27, 2011

Give your taste buds a thorough workout at this Thai outlet, which features both fusion fare & familiar favorites to tempt Pavilion's shoppers.

As a bonus, whoever is handling Sticky Fingers' playlist has brilliant taste in music. Customers might hear everything from T'Pau's 1987 heartbreaker "China In Your Hand" to The Wallflowers' 1997 rock gem "One Headlight" on a typical evening here.

Chiang Mai stuffed bell peppers. Stuffed with what? The menu made it a mystery, but here's the scoop: macaroni, cheese & a hint of Thai spices. Purists might shudder, but this turned out to be scrumptious, filled with a hot mess of gooey goodness that kids should enjoy (though they'll likely lap up the macaroni & ignore the peppers).

Green curry chicken pizza. The topping tasted authentically Thai, with all the fragrant flavors associated with a rich, powerful curry. But the crust was more like a doughy biscuit than the thin, crispy version that many of KL's Italian outlets have mastered.

Mieng kam. Sticky Fingers is part of the Rotol Food Chain, which also runs KLCC's Imperial Chakri Palace, Sunway Pyramid's Rainforest Bistro & other Asian restaurants. Service standards are high, while prices seem fair _ a filling meal can be had for below RM50.

Linguine with tom yum paste & freshwater prawn. Nice, firm noodles, swathed in an aromatic, pleasantly sourish sauce that wasn't too spicy. Alas, the prawn could have been fresher.

Crab shell stuffed with minced chicken, crab meat & salted egg yolk. Not as outstanding as Simply Mel's version, since this tasted more like mass-produced paste. But the inclusion of the salted yolk was a nice touch.

Crispy roast duck with coffee sauce. The best order, thanks to juicy, deliciously addictive meat _ a far cry from the bony fowl that plagues other outlets.

Fried sliced beef with "ma nau" sauce, a lime-garlic chili condiment that would have gone well with Hainanese chicken rice too.

Durian & mango with sticky rice. Too bad the fruits seemed thawed instead of fresh.

Thab tim krob, served in a coconut. A sweet finish, in every sense of the phrase.

Terrific Thai-inspired cocktails & shooters: Blowjob in Bangkok (vodka, blue curacao, creme) & Phuket Colada (rum, malibu, coconut milk, pineapple).

Muay Thai Warrior (rum, vodka, root beer) & Bangkok Mojito.

Let's call it a Thai: Thai Chick's (vodka, passion fruit, sweet & sour) & Thai Safari (cointreau, midori, orange, grenadine).

But nope, this Sticky Fingers is completely unrelated to the Sticky Fingers cafe that used to inhabit Jalan Mesui, near Palate Palette & No Black Tie.

Sticky Fingers Bangkok Bistro,
Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2163-0163