Steam Room @ Mont Kiara

July 22, 2012

Steaming up 1 Mont Kiara Mall, this eatery serves Chinese food that tastes wholesome and seems healthy. We like!

True to Steam Room's name, steamed recipes pepper the menu, including a bunch of broths like this delicious double steamed soup with pork ribs and yellow cucumber.

Double steamed soup with chicken and herbs in whole coconut. Banish fears of MSG; we suffered no food flavoring-induced thirst whatsoever after this hearty meal.

Steamed egg with salted egg and minced pork. A home-cooked feel is evident here.

Pork ribs with plum sauce. Bony; this might be the one dish we wouldn't recommend.

Steamed glutinous rice with whole abalone, pork, chicken and waxed sausages. Reassuringly free from the greasiness that often plagues "lor mai kai" elsewhere.

Steamed prawn dumplings. Decent dim sum; won't wow anyone, but should satisfy.

Steamed rice with assorted waxed sausages. Good enough? Yep.

Chilled HK kailan with ice and wasabi. The most fiber we've had in one meal in ages.

Steam Room serves no booze, but customers can hop downstairs to the supermarket to purchase some. Corkage is RM30; no wine glasses are available though.

Steam Room,
1 Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.