Splash Pizza

April 2, 2012

A laid-back alfresco pizzeria at PJ's Palms Sport Center, perfect for kicking back after work.

Wood-fire pizzas are the highlight; this Big Blue, topped with blue cheese, cheddar & mozzarella, is one stinky thin-crust treat. It's all cheese & all good.

The Bollywood: spicy lamb sausage, spinach & raita. Decent, though some might prefer a pizza loaded with more toppings. Prices are fair; six-inch choices cost an average of RM16, while the 12-inch ones are around RM28.

Need more pizza? Drive 15 minutes to Bangsar's Italian Tomato, where wood-fire wonders also await, including one topped with anchovies, basil, tomatoes, mozzarella & parmesan.

Gorgonzola, mozzarella & cream sauce pizza. Its flavor is surprisingly mild, indicating that the mozzarella-to-gorgonzola ratio is likely 5:1.

This savory-spicy one is another lamb sausage pizza (yes, we like our sausages), but more generously topped than Splash's version, with plenty of grilled peppers, olives, chili flakes & ricotta cheese. RM28++ for a regular serving.

Need more pizza? Drive another 15 minutes to Bukit Damansara, where La Risata's well-laden pies attract full-house crowds on weekends.

Pizza with panache _ a white one, free from tomato sauce but still punched up with flavor, thanks to ridiculously juicy smoked duck, rocket leaves, anchovies, caramelized onions & mozzarella. Definitely the best-looking pizza in this entry.

More pizza! From La Risata, drive 10 minutes to Verona Trattoria at PJ's Section 17, where the Quattro Stagioni is for folks who can't decide which flavor to order. Of these four quarters, the meaty ones blanketed with chicken & beef seem more satisfying than the vegetarian slices.

And if you're still feeling passionate about pizza, drive to Ampang, where Earth Food serves relatively healthy creations with organic, preservative-free ingredients.

A stone-oven sensation: Going Coconut, topped with coconut kernels, Gula Melaka & mozzarella, broadcasting predominantly Malaysian flavors that a Nyonya grandmother might love.

Panzerotti, stuffed with onions, garlic, mushrooms, basil & mozzarella. Could be more aromatic, but in terms of textural fulfillment, it passes the test.

KWV Pinotage 2008 at Splash Pizza. Gotta have the booze.

Splash Pizza,
PJ Palms Sport Center, Petaling Jaya.