Snickerdoodles, Union Jacks, Yoga Life Cafe, The Bagel Factory, Sin & Sensibility, Bondee & Blushh

July 21, 2016

A glimpse at several wide-ranging restaurants that closed down before we managed to write about them: First off, Snickerdoodles, which showcased an admirably ambitious menu for a cafe in Happy Garden, serving house-cured, pan-seared pork shoulder with a Waldorf salad & mustard sauce; slow-cooked & deep-fried chicken leg confit with vegetable couscous; sloppy joe-inspired potato fries with ground beef & scallions; & crispy polenta fries with parmesan & rosemary.

Union Jacks promised British-inspired fish & chips in Damansara Uptown, but its offerings floundered in terms of authenticity.

Yoga Life Cafe was a homey, wholesome spot off Jalan Ampang for refuelling with some home-made, preservative-free chocolate brownies, beetroot-carrot-ginger pure juice & an apple-raspberry smoothie after an hour of Anusara or Ashtanga.

The Bagel Company offered pumpkin seed bagels, cheese bagels & garlic bagels in a cosy venue lined with lots of local art.

Sin & Sensibility: Cheesecakes belonged to the former category & matcha latte to the latter at this defunct Jalan Ipoh cafe.

A riot of colour, this independent venue was a bit unruly & rough-edged, but it was an interesting entry to PJ's Section 14, serving everything from chapati to croque monsieur, coffee to green-apple lassi, in a setting with globe-trotting on its mind.

Goat's cheese pizza with spinach & egg, & pasta with prawns & avocado, were among the attractions at Soho KL's Blushh.

Twenty One Grams at Jaya One served panini sandwiches & coffee; its original outlet at PJ Newtown remains operational.

Crepe Est Belle at Bangsar's Wisma UOA specialised in savoury & sweet crepes, with toppings that ranged from a sunny-side-up egg to beef rendang to chicken curry to turkey & courgettes, baked apples to lemon & berry sauce to bananas with Nutella.