Small Businesses, Huge Flavours

April 13, 2014

Small-scale, independent entrepreneurs form the increasingly crucial & colourful threads in the fabric of Malaysia's F&B evolution, weaving a mouthwatering tapestry of temptations that span home-made sausages to sambal, peanut butter to fruit jams, muffins to marshmallows, ice cream to yogurt, sodas to juices.

Call them artisanal, call them ambitious, call them addictive, but most importantly, call them as soon as possible to order what they're offering.

Eat Drink KL: Small Businesses, Huge Flavours is the first online directory to help customers do that, navigating through a diversity of non-restaurant F&B businesses and narrating the stories of the people and the passion behind these brands.

This is a catalogue of insights into what inspires our contemporary culinary craftspeople _ the reasons why they painstakingly bake & boil for countless hours in their kitchens to supply some of Malaysia's finest, most fascinating food products.

There are common ties that bind these tales.

The familial roots: Elsie and her sister Jennifer experimenting with mango recipes such as chutney, onde-onde & tong yuen. Sarah helping her mom & grandmother make festive goodies. Micheele learning the art of creating Indonesian layer cakes passed down through at least three generations.

The adventures abroad that ignited the imagination: Hui Ming's romance with ice cream in London. Eugene's & Emrys' escapades with hand-crafted sodas in Tokyo. Sookie baking for her college friends in Brisbane. Prakash experiencing an epiphany with wine in Margaret River.

And perhaps most of all, the all-consuming love for outstanding ingredients & innovation that have prompted Kenneth & his wife, Hoa, to open their home for Vietnamese-cuisine supper clubs; European expats Carina & Elke to offer deliveries of raw, organic meals; Pooi Ling to bring in coffee machines from Italy & Spain to supply to Malaysian cafes and homes; former classmates Lin & Wan Chiun to scour the country for fresh fruits to produce their bottled juices.

Thank you to these first 20 brands for being part of this eBook's launch.

This eBook will be continuously updated throughout the year with new listings, including several more this month, so check back regularly at this permanent link _ www.eatdrinkkl.publ.com/businesses _ to find out what fresh treats await. 

There are six categories in this book: Savouries, Beverages, Catering & Meal Deliveries, Private Kitchens, Services, & to save the best for last, Sweets.