Simply D by Delicious @ Nu Sentral, The Curve, Avenue K & Tropicana City

July 1, 2014

One of KL's most inventive new restaurant concepts is bowling us over this week: Simply D, an offshoot of The Delicious Group, has the potential to become a real haven for customers who love noodles & pasta.

Mix-&-match might be the motto for Simply D: Pick a type of pasta or noodle, then choose how it should be prepared & topped. We're instant fans of the fusilli, an East-meets-West combo that's tossed with pumpkin & salted egg yolk, with a side serving of a whole tea egg. This is one satisfyingly flavoursome creation, thoughtfully executed.

More plus points: This hearty serving costs a lower-than-expected RM13.20+, a boon in these inflation-tormented times. Also, Simply D is a fast-service outlet, so everything is likely to be served within about 10 minutes _  perfect for fugitives on the run.

Exclusively at Simply D: 'PastaMee' (RM13+), linguine prepared pan-mee-style, with creamy minced chicken, a perfectly runny egg, plus chunky sambal that's surprisingly spicy. Absolutely, well, delicious.

Simply D's first branch is now open at Nu Sentral (on the street level, on the outside of the mall, facing the KL Stesen Sentral). Ambitious plans are afoot to launch more outposts in the next several months at The Curve, Avenue K & Tropicana City Mall. It's likely to become a hot topic for foodies; get ahead of the curve, so to speak, by checking out this Nu Sentral original soon.

Other intriguing concoctions here include the flat-noodle pho (RM15+), served not with beef or chicken but with salmon for a lighter-tasting recipe. The highlight in this bowl is the beautifully prepared fish, lightly cooked to retain its total lusciousness.

'Light' is also the likely description for the beef short ribs herbal soup with soba noodles (RM12.50+). The beefy-herbal notes prove less resonant than expected, but what this recipe might lack in richness, it makes up for with a sense of wholesomeness & balanced nutrition that permeates Simply D's menu. Terrific for health obsessives.

We're not entirely smitten with Simply D's version of laksa with char-grilled chicken (RM12+) though; on paper, it's a praise-worthy enterprise, with a base that evokes Sarawak laksa but with coconut water instead of coconut milk. The result might however lack the depth that makes laksa so addictive (though it's still ferociously fiery, for sure).

Simply D is smart enough to serve more than noodles, naturally. Several salads are available too; the most popular choice might be the cafe's interpretation of crisp, fresh-tasting 'som tam' with tender slivers of crab claw (RM15+).

Beef burgers prepared with caramelised onions & brioche buns (RM13+) round up the selection, alongside sandwiches stuffed with the likes of chicken, avocado & pine nuts, or smoked salmon, capers & cream cheese.

Devotees of soft-serve ice cream, rejoice! Raspberry & passionfruit flavours can be had; teh tarik & jackfruit are in the pipeline.

Even the beverages at Simply D display an extraordinary degree of customisation. Have iced tea, lemonade or an ice-blended, in varieties like peach tangerine, mango lychee, green apple, red berry or lemon.

Note the seats too; the attention to detail at Simply D is a lot of fun, signalling a cheerful sense of humour.

Simply D
G9, Nu Sentral, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Kuala Lumpur
Daily, 8am-10pm

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