Signature @ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

September 21, 2010

HCMC Part VII: Resuming our Ho Chi Minh City series (no worries, only two more to go!).
With a pleasant 23rd-floor view of the city available, we couldn't resist snatching a table by the window at the Sheraton Saigon's impressive restaurant.

Customers can sit in air-conditioned comfort inside or dine out on a breezy terrace. We opted for the former, but the people outside looked reasonably comfortable too.

Amuse bouche of prawn tempura. Complimentary bites are an afterthought at many outlets, but these were rave-worthy. Crisp and freshly prepared, stuffed with plump prawn meat.

Vietnamese oysters, delivered daily from the coastal city of Nha Trang and shucked to order. Brilliantly briny and juicier than they appear.

Prawn mousse on sugar cane. Sweet and chunky. Pretty much perfect.

Beef wrapped in wild betel leaf. Tender and aromatic.

Pork spring rolls. Piping-hot and flavor-packed.

Scampi in rice paper roll. We could have scoured the streets to sample what bona fide Vietnamese stalls serve, but it's hard imagine anything that tastes much better than what we had here.

Kobe beef steak. Not sure what the marble score for this was, but we couldn't complain. Perhaps the best beef we've had all year.

Aussie Wagyu and U.S. tenderloin. Luscious slabs of sheer succulence.

Mango parfait with chocolate crunch & coconut macarons.

Prune & armagnac souffle with hazelnut ice cream.

Macadamia nut ice cream coated with Italian meringue & stewed raspberries.

Strawberry Oska (Grey Goose vodka, strawberries) & Pinky Kiss (Grey Goose, guava).

Green Point sparkling wine, Hazelnut Caipiroska (Grey Goose, hazelnut syrup, lime).

Level 23 Signature Restaurant,
Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers.