Siang @ Sogo

September 15, 2013

Sogos main Chinese restaurant serves better-than-expected halal dim sum.

Hot & fresh, juicy & flavorsome: All that describes this chicken siu mai (RM7 before taxes).

Steamed scallop dumplings (RM9), smooth & sumptuous. A second helping, please.

Crispy-creamy "Golden Nest" prawn yam fritters (RM8), pleasurably plump.

Since Siang is nestled in a shopping complex, it seems to be open all day long ...

... so theres no trouble ordering har gow somewhat late in the afternoon.

Love the savory-soupy seafood dumpling (RM10), for which well brave Sogos surrounding traffic & internal parking woes.

Cant resist chicken feet in black bean sauce (RM5), but can easily skip the bean curd rolls in oyster sauce (RM7).

Steaming-hot yam cake (RM7), nicely done, not stodgy in the slightest.

Worthwhile: Stir-fried pumpkin made uber-creamy with salted egg (RM12).

BBQ chicken buns. Not terrible, but theres no wisdom in stuffing the stomach with these when the menu features better options.

Egg yolk custard buns (RM7), extremely enjoyable before it becomes cold.

Stir-fried carrot cake with bean sprouts (RM7). Comparable to well-executed hawker renditions.

Glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaves (RM5). A filling meal here wont exceed RM80 for two.

Level 6, Kompleks Sogo Department Store, Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur.