Shunka Japanese Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas

November 14, 2013

Shunka unfurled this past month in Solaris Dutamas, offering a fresh option for Japanese fare. The name might sound familiar because Shunka operates outlets in Penang, Kedah & Perak; this one marks its first KL branch.

The Shunka chains executive chef, Malaysian Elven Tan, spent six years working in Japan; one of his favorites is oden (RM20 before taxes), the classic winter stew of boiled eggs, daikon radish & fishcakes in a light but umami-rich broth. Pure comfort food.


Shunka prides itself on sending its chefs every year to the Land of the Rising Sun to sharpen their skills. The food here, including mentaiko-topped salmon (RM17), is reasonable enough for a restaurant with a mid-range pricing.

Eel is essential in surprising ways on Shunkas menu: Try the Unagi gyoza (RM16) ...

... or the Unagi sushi katsu, crunchy battered maki with eel, egg & cucumber (RM14).


Porks paramount too: Shunka serves Kurobuta black pig tonkatsu (RM20), a full 20 percent cheaper than Ichirikis at Mid Valley Gardens, but perhaps 20 percent less expertly executed too.


Grilled pork belly (RM6.90). A worthwhile bet; lots of juice, plenty of flavor on this plate.


Hatsukuru Jyumai Ginjyo, 300ml for RM48.

P.S. Seans away Nov. 7-17 in a mystery location 8,765 kilometers from KL. Daily blog entries have been scheduled in advance & will be automatically posted, but apologies as comments can only be replied later.



A2-G2-3A, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur

Open 1130am-1130pm. Tel: 03-6206-5239

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