Shivz @ Bangsar

March 3, 2009

The reviews by other bloggers were too promising to ignore, so we headed here for a quiet weekday dinner. It's a nice, unassuming outlet, offering pretty decent food at reasonable prices.

They still had the deal for a free starter with every main course. There's a catch: only one starter per person, no matter how many mains you order.
The Thai prawn salad was OK, though the tamarind chili sauce tasted generic.

The fried mushrooms coated with bread crumbs with mustard sauce were fine. Nicely battered and crunchy.

The Mumtaz Grill was an interesting recipe of minced prawns stuffed in chicken leg. The friendly waiter advised us not to over-order, insisting that their servings were large. He was right!

The barbecued short beef ribs were a disappointment. They were hearty and very flavourful but ridiculously tough. It took ages to cut through the meat.

The lemongrass dory with garlic mash and cilantro sauce was not bad but not particularly memorable either.


Jalan Maarof, Bangsar.
Tel: 2282-4500