Shin Tokyo Sushi & Ramen Ten @ Jaya 33

September 24, 2013

Checking out Shin Tokyo Sushi & Ramen Ten, two sister restaurants that opened side-by-side this month at PJs Jaya33; customers can sit at either outlet & order from both to relish a meal of sushi & ramen all at once.

 Start with sushi: The Tamago Mayo Nigiri (RM5.60 before taxes) seems somewhat inspired by the late Fukuharus famed mentai sushi. Astonishingly, it tastes almost as terrific, thanks to its melt-in-the-mouth, eggy creamy-savoriness.

 Less impressive: The lobster salad roll. Portions of the topping taste like an inferior version of dried scallops, though its nevertheless not a rip-off, considering the ultra-low price of RM12.80.

 Unagi chawanmushi, a recipe that works. Blessed be thick slices of freshwater eel.

Another fun combo: Garlic fried rice, topped with salmon sashimi & roe. The rice could probably use more flavor, but the fishy components of this are fine.

Onward to ramen: The menus extensive, with crayfish noodles the top recommendation. 

 Decent for a bowl thats priced like most shopping mall ramen, comprising sufficient crustacean flesh to satisfy. Broths not wonderful but its not exactly weak either.

 If the names Shin Tokyo Sushi & Ramen Ten sound vaguely familiar, that might be because both brands come from Singapore, where they operate a few outlets.

 Both restaurants are known even in Singapore as being completely halal eateries, which explains why sake, shochu, wine & cocktails are sadly absent in this entry. Oh, well. On the plus side, service is efficient enough & fairly friendly.

Shin Tokyo Sushi & Ramen Ten,
Ground Floor, Jaya 33, Petaling Jaya.