Shang Palace @ Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

August 18, 2009

Once upon a time, the menu here featured exotic meat like crocodile and turtle. These days, the offerings lean toward the conservative, but there are still some creative choices.

Cold marinated "lampak" in chilli sauce. What's "lampak" anyway? It's still a mystery. It was described to us as "vegetarian abalone," which was appropriate but vague nonetheless.

Deep-fried shredded eel in Worchester sauce. Crispy and addictive.

Braised stuffed sun-dried scallops in winter melon topped with sea moss in oyster sauce. Probably the healthiest item that we ordered. Looked interesting and tasted less bland than we had expected it to.

Stewed pork belly with gingko nuts and peppercorn in mini-casserole. Not bad either; reminded us of a wholesome traditional porridge.

Barbecue platter of suckling pig, char siew and roast duck. Satisfying enough.

Stewed pork in dark sauce (Hung Chew style) with mantao. Perfectly prepared.

Bilyara Wolfblass Shiraz (Australia) and the obligatory Chinese tea.

Shang Palace,
Shangri-La Hotel.
Tel: 2032-2388