Serai Empire @ Subang

June 29, 2010

Not a bad-looking place for a shopping mall outlet. The menu is a bit more creative than expected, with a few interesting twists to trite recipes.

Serai Platter: oily rice with oxtail asam pedas, honey-fried squid, ayam goreng rempah & acar. Everything on the plate was well-prepared and went nicely together, from the succulent oxtail & sweet squid to the crisp chicken & fragrant rice.

Sang Har Yin Yong (kuey teow & crispy bee hoon with freshwater prawns & veggies in egg broth). Respectable on its own merits, though not as lip-smacking as the sang har meen at Soo Kee, Grandmama's and all those other places. The portion was hearty enough for large appetites and the three prawns seemed fairly fresh.

Nutella "ravioli." A strange concoction. Basically fried sui kow filled with Nutella.

Pisang goreng with pandan-flavored batter. Couldn't taste the pandan, but these were nevertheless decent banana fritters. Crunchy outside, juicy within, without excess oil.

Frosty Tamarind (ice-blended beverage with tamarind pulp) & Sirap Selasih (rose syrup with basil seeds). Quirky flavors, but a bit too sweet.

Serai Empire,
Empire Shopping Gallery.