Secret of Louisiana @ Plaza Kelana Jaya

September 20, 2003

Offering New Orleans cuisine tweaked for Malaysian tastebuds, this is an interesting outlet with a lake view on Plaza Kelana Jaya's waterfront.

Seafood gumbo (sauteed seafood with creamy sauce stirred in herbs, spices and mozzarella). The menu's description fails to mention that there's mainly rice under this layer of seafood. But never mind _ it tasted excellent.

The lamb shank was marvelous. Cooked in its own juice with red wine and rosemary, this was tender and incredibly flavourful. I rarely order lamb shank because it isn't usually memorable, but this is worth returning for!

Louisiana's blackened chicken was another pleasant surprise. Cut in pieces and tossed with corn, it tasted good enough to remind us that chicken doesn't have to be boring.

The jambalaya tasted like a so-so seafood risotto.

The prawn spaghetti was all right. The pasta was cooked reasonably well, and they didn't skimp on the prawns.

We also had Louisiana's soft shell crab with Cajun seasoning (a big letdown, this was insanely overpriced considering the meagre portion of soft shell crab) and the pan-seared butter fish coated with breadcrumbs (not fresh enough, though the honey mustard sauce was nice).

Secret of Louisiana,

Plaza Kelana Jaya.
Tel: 7875-5230