Sausage & Ribs Shack @ Taman Midah, Cheras

October 6, 2013

Casually carnivorous; not a bad stop on weekends when meat cravings are most acute.

This Shacks name & food are straight to point; start with a plate of mixed sausages, 350 grams for RM27. The restaurant makes its own, sufficiently juicy & flavorsome for a satisfactory chew, & even supplies them to other outlets (though weve been asked to not say which ones).

BBQ spice-rubbed pork ribs, RM55 for a full rack (the portion pictured is half), reasonably tasty too & nicely roasted. These are regular ones; the restaurant also sometimes serves promotional Iberico ribs, similar to what weve had at Section 14s Burger & Ribs, another suburban eatery.

Other fleshy fare here includes the likes of lamb burgers, chicken pies & beef pizzas. Sausage & Ribs Shack opens mainly for dinner on weekends. Call to check; reservations are recommended, especially for the ribs, which require advance preparation.

Wine is not available, but customers can bring their own with no corkage charged.

Sausage & Ribs Shack,
9, Jalan 2/105, Taman Midah, Cheras.
Tel: 016-229-2168

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