Sari Kembar & Warung Eropa, Bali

January 14, 2019

Food crawlers in Bali's Kerobokan enclave should consider these two venues for a taste of some of the island's best-loved specialities: First, Sari Kembar, a well-respected babi guling specialist - the complete rice platter comprises plenty of thick-skinned slices of roasted suckling pig, partnered with crackling, an aromatic meat skewer, rustic sausage bits, lots of spiced offal, vegetables and sambal for an utterly fulfilling meal that's packed with flavour and texture.

Warung Eropa offers up the audacious claim of serving "the finest crispy duck in Bali" - debatable, but the kitchen undertakes a fair run at making good on its boast, with substantially fleshy fowl that's crunchy to the bite, succulent and savoury to the chew, rounded out with fiery condiments that pack a punch in conveying the island's dynamically rich, bold flavours.