Sage @ The Gardens Hotel

September 20, 2004

One of KL's most stately restaurants, with a distinctive, head-turning look.

The open kitchen offers a fine view of dishes being meticulously concocted.

No longer as packed as it used to be; hurray for calm, crowd-free dining!

The bread platter here is one of the best in town. Wish we could tar pao.

Unagi croquettes. Crisp on the outside, melt-in-your-mouth within.

Foie gras with capon (castrated chicken) and red wine reduction. The foie gras was sublime, while the capon lived up to its reputation as a luscious substitute for regular poultry.

Linguine with shirauo & bottarga. Interesting combo of tastes and textures.

We ordered a couple of items from the Spring Vegetables Menu.
Fedelini pasta with nanohana (rapeseed leaves) and anchovies. The sweet, tender veggie reminded us somewhat of asparagus.

Risotto with take no ko (bamboo shoots) and wakame. A bit too porridgey.

Grant Burge Hillcott Merlot 2007.

The Gardens Hotel & Residences.
Tel: 2268-1188.