Riki-Ya revised 2

May 24, 2011

Riki-Ya: Round Three. Earlier entries: May 4 & May 5.

Kicking off one of our healthier meals: Hiyashi-style tomatoes _ fleshy, flavorsome ones, sliced into bite-sized pieces and served in all their red, ripened glory.

Mentaiko mania! Intensely savory, but pleasurably so.

Salmon belly sushi. Far from trying to dazzle customers with flamboyant recipes, Riki-Ya hews closely to the fundamentals of Japanese cookery, offering unpretentious recipes that hit the most harmonious culinary notes.

Chutoro (medium-fatty tuna belly). Lip-smackingly luscious.

Eihire. Dried stingray fins, for a chewy, saporous snack.

Charcoal-grilled eringi mushrooms & chicken wing. Smoky succulence.

Simmered radish with seaweed & chicken. Guilt-free in terms of calories and fat, but diabolically delicious nevertheless.

Forgot the name of this fish, but it was moist and meaty enough to recommend. Kinda like a cross between mackerel and pomfret.

Soybean nabe. Bland? Maybe. But this warm, milky broth, abounding with silky bean curd & fibrous veggies, was a testament to how texture can be as crucial as flavor.

Hakutsuru hot sake.

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