Regal House @ One Bangsar

January 20, 2010

Can three Chinese restaurants survive at One Bangsar? Of course, Bangsar Seafood Garden has the edge, but House of Tang is still hanging in there after over a year. The latest entry is Regal House, which offers non-halal fare that's worth a try.

Kataifi wasabi prawns. A creative experiment that came out crisp, hot and not oily at all. Too bad the flavours were too subtle to leave a lasting impression.

Double-boiled chicken soup with sugarcane and water chestnuts. Lacked the sweetness that we prefer in Chinese soups, but tasted healthy and nourishing.

Steamed pomfret. Seemed reasonably fresh, but not really memorable.

Roast duck with wasabi sauce. A strange, superb creation, borrowing both French and Japanese elements; the meat was lusciously tender and flavourful _ everything that the best kind of duck should be.

Steamed pork. Slightly too salty, but addictively juicy.

TerraMater Paso Del Sol Chardonnay (Chile).
This post marks the one-year anniversary of Eat Drink KL. It's been fun so far, 461 entries later. Thank you for reading.

Regal House/ Regal Chinese Kitchen,
One Bangsar.